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The Life of a Lady in 1901 - presented by Maya Ruffner DeBus

February 22 at 7:00 p.m. - at New Life Church of the Nazarene

"Portrait of a Lady in 1901" by Madeleine Carpentier

The first decade of the last century was one of enthusiasm and change. Advances in electricity, automobiles, the flickers, and countless other inventions made the world seem exciting and new. Women had a new confidence as they took themselves more seriouslymand required others to do the same. Hats got larger and dresses got narrower. Men were inspired by the energetic young president, Theodore Roosevelt. What was life for a lady in 1901?

Les Modes Magazine 1901

Maya DeBus, our February speaker, has been a member of your SFVHS for eight years and the editor of this newsletter for six. She loves researching and presenting on historical topics and making history fun. You may have seen her past programs, “Why the Roaring Twenties Roared” and “History and Make-up: How Events Shaped How We Look.”

She is a tour guide at Leonis Adobe Museum in Calabasas and a member of the Antique Purse Collectors Society. In addition to her program, she will display her collection of vintage purses and other lovelies from the beginning of the last century. Our Speaker Meetings are always free, but donations are appreciated.


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