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About Us

The San Fernando Valley Historical Society is the oldest historical preservation organization in the San Fernando Valley. SFVHS was established July 4, 1943 at Campo de Cahuenga near what is now Universal Studios, and later incorporated on June 13, 1951.  The historic Campo was a fitting site for SFVHS’s formative years, as the Campo was where the pivotal Articles of Capitulation were signed in 1847. The Campo served as SFVHS’s headquarters until 1969 when SFVHS moved to new headquarters at the historic Andres Pico Adobe in Mission Hills, California.

SFVHS has an extensive collection of artifacts and relics tracing the multi-cutural history of the San Fernando Valley housed in the San Fernando Valley Heritage Center museum located in the Andres Pico Adobe. To link the past, present and future, the Society shares its wealth of local history by offering a variety of enrichment programs that educate and entertain the public.  Guest speakers, field trips, museum tours, special events and exhibits, and volunteer opportunities are all part of an exciting calendar of activities year-round.

Charitable Status

SFVHS is a charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. As such, your contributions to the Society may be tax-deductible under section 170-b-1-A-vi of the Code (consult with your tax advisor for details). We appreciate your support in helping us bring viable historical programs to the Valley.

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Board of Directors

The San Fernando Valley Historical Society is governed by a 16-member Board of Directors. The Board sets the tone and pace of the Society for preservation projects and public programs.

San Fernando Valley Heritage Center

In accordance with the Society’s long-standing agreement with the City of Los Angeles and the L.A. City Department of Recreation & Parks, the San Fernando Valley Historical Society manages the Andres Pico Adobe and the San Fernando Valley Heritage Center museum.  The Center’s purpose is to serve current and future generations as a museum of local significance, a library of printed material, a repository of audio-visual evidence and a site for historical related meetings.


Continuing the Valley's Legacy


The San Fernando Valley Historical Society is dedicated to continuing the Valley’s legacy for future generations by:

  • Preserving the history and cultural heritage of all groups of peoples in the San Fernando Valley.

  • Providing a stimulating forum for general education about San Fernando Valley history.

  • Creating a dynamic learning environment for children with opportunities for youth programs.

  • Serving as a community resource for continuing educational opportunities and internship programs with local high schools, colleges and universities.

  • Maintaining a significant photographic archive that provides a visual history of the San Fernando Valley.

  • Developing the San Fernando Valley’s foremost historical collection.

  • Promoting tourism in the San Fernando Valley, thereby supporting the area’s economy.

  • Touching as many lives as possible who share an enthusiasm for history.

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