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Marilyn Monroe in Los Angeles - presented by Elisa Jordan

February 24th at 7:00 p.m. - at New Life of the Nazarene Church.

This presentation looks at the sites in Los Angeles associated with Marilyn Monroe. She was born in Los Angeles, lived most of her life here, and died here in 1962. During that time, she became a symbol of Hollywood. Elisa Jordan has studied Marilyn Monroe for more than 40 years. Because she is a Southern California native, she has a special interest in the locations associated with Marilyn. Prior to Covid, she gave Marilyn Monroe tours of Los Angeles. She has also lectured, written and been interviewed for television, podcasts and radio on the topic of Marilyn Monroe. In addition to Marilyn Monroe, Elisa is passionate about local history, preservation, architecture and animal welfare.

Connect with Elisa Jordan on her Website, Instagram or Facebook.

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