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Bunker Hill Los Angeles: Essence of Sunshine & Noire - presented by Nathan Marsak

March 25th at 7:00 p.m. - at New Life Church of the Nazarene.

Bunker Hill is the highest point of Downtown Los Angeles, both literally and figuratively. Our March speaker, Nathan Marsak, will share the story of the Hill, from the district’s inception in the mid-nineteenth century to its present day. His talk is based on his book Bunker Hill Los Angeles: Essence of Sunshine and Noir. Once home to wealthy Angelenos living in LA’s “first suburb,” then the epicenter of the city’s shifting demographics and the shadow and vice of an urban underbelly, Bunker Hill has survived. It was its people, the poets and writers, artists and activists, little guys and big guys, and of course, the many architects who built and rebuilt the community on the Hill—time after historic time.

Nathan Marsak worked on the curatorial staff of Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art and served as a historian for the LAPD Museum archives. His first book was Los Angeles Neon. His second book Bunker Hill Los Angeles is both the story of the Hill and photographic exploration of one of Los Angeles’s oldest and most storied neighborhoods.

You can purchase his book at the link below:

Bunker Hill Los Angeles by Nathan Marsak

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