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Why The Roaring Twenties Roared - presented by Maya Ruffner DeBus

August 26th at 7:00 p.m. - at the Andres Pico Adobe.

Were the “The Roaring Twenties” all about Flappers and Gangsters? What caused the enormous change from the elegance of the 1910s to the madness of the 1920s? Were the Twenties just a rebellion against Prohibition? Maya DeBus will share what led up to this most exciting decade and really made the Roaring Twenties Roar. No change happens in a vacuum. In this centennial of that amazing decade, Maya DeBus will once again share her insights-and parallels with today-at the August Speaker Meeting.

Maya has been a SFVHS member since 2015, on the Board since 2016, and the Editor of your newsletter “The Valley” since 2018. She enjoys sharing her passion for antiques and everyday objects from yesteryear.


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