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Haunted by History: Flashlight Investigation Plus Haunted Cemetery Sleepover

April 30th at 8:00 p.m. - at San Fernando Pioneer Memorial Cemetery.

Interested in participating in a flashlight paranormal investigation and a campout at a long-defunct, haunted historic cemetery in the San Fernando Valley? One that has a little over 500 estimated graves, most of them unmarked, and is thought to be haunted by a mysterious woman in a black dress? Come join Haunted by History author, historian, and moderator of Bizarre Los Angeles Craig Owens for the chance to investigate and spend the night in one of the oddest...and oldest cemeteries in the San Fernando Valley.

The San Fernando Pioneer Memorial Cemetery in Sylmar, California, was originally established in 1874 and ceased operation around 1939. While it was active, it operated as the San Fernando Cemetery as well as the Morningside Cemetery. After vandals had desecrated the long-abandoned cemetery to the point where there were only 13 grave markers left, it was rescued in 1959 and is now owned by the San Fernando Valley Historical Society. In 1993, it was designated a California landmark. But that's not all! In addition to it being haunted, the cemetery also had an odd horror/science fiction movie connection as well. In the 1950s, infamous director Ed Wood chose the abandoned cemetery as a location to film Bela Lugosi wearing his Dracula cowl for the last time. Wood then inserted Bela's last film footage into his famous camp classic, "Plan 9 from Outer Space" (1957).

A sizable portion of ticket sales for this event goes toward preserving, maintaining, and beautifying the cemetery. Tickets are limited and are for those "children of the night" who have "sleeping overnight in a haunted cemetery" on their bucket lists! For more information and to buy tickets for this event, visit our Facebook page:


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