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History of LAX - presented by Jean-Christophe Dick

April 27th at 7:00 p.m. - at New Life Church of the Nazarene

On October 1, 1928, Los Angeles Municipal Airport began operation. The City of Los Angeles had recognized the future of the fledgling aviation industry. They leased 640 acres originally known as Mines Field. The land that had once been covered by rabbits, wheat, barley, and lima beans was transformed into dirt landing strips. We now know it as Los Angeles International Airport. In 2022, over 60 million travelers passed through LAX.

c. 1930 - LAX International Airport

Our April Speaker, Jean-Christophe Dick, was born into a multicultural family and traveled extensively beginning at very young age. He became fascinated by aviation. Pursuing his passion, he became a pilot and consultant in aviation affairs. Through his other passion, photography, he has been able to capture the beauty of his travels and is now an award-winning photographer. He is currently the President and Historian of the Flight Path Museum at LAX whose mission is to preserve aviation history at LAX and in Southern California. His topic for our Speaker Meeting is “The History of LAX”. This is sure to be an exciting program!

c. 1931 - LAX International Airport


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