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Old Hollywood Theaters and Architecture - presented by April Clemmer

March 24th at 7:00 p.m. - at New Life of the Nazarene Church.

Join our March speaker, Hollywood Historian April Clemmer for a look into the storied past of some of Hollywood's glorious and celebrated movie theaters from its Golden Age. We'll see archival photos and learn behind-the-scenes tales of Tinseltown's theaters where the stars were on display!

April Clemmer is a Hollywood Historian and creator of the Old Hollywood Walking Tour. Her vision is to help preserve the stories and style of the Classic Hollywood era, enabling others to relive the glamour of Hollywood’s iconic places and personalities. After moving to Hollywood, she explored the city’s rich history and interesting locations. Her depth of knowledge led to being hired for research projects, including as a consultant on the web series HOLLYWOOD TRADES. April founded the Old Hollywood Back Room in 2021, with an exclusive membership that enables fellow fans of early Hollywood to connect with others to share their passion, stories, memorabilia, and niche expertise.

Her monthly Zoom presentations feature detailed research and photographs spotlighting classic Hollywood topics. April lives in Los Angeles with her family. She can often be found perusing the shelves of the classic cinema-themed Larry Edmunds Bookshop in Hollywood. For more information on her in-person and virtual tours, go to:

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