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Classic Joints and Iconic Eats in the City of Angels - presented by Andrea Richards

January 27th at 7:00 p.m. - at New Life of the Nazarene Church

It’s been a tough year for restaurants, especially small, independent ones. The old standbys hold special places in our hearts as sites of a collective history. They’ve given us happy memories and incredible meals—these places feed our souls as Angelenos. Our January Program will celebrate the “Classic Joints and Iconic Eats in the City of Angels.” Andrea Richards will share the city’s history and what L.A. continues to be—a vibrant, diverse, and dynamic city full of flavor. From classic coffee shops to famous taco stands and old Hollywood haunts to mom-and-pop establishments, she will profile eateries beloved by Angelenos and visitors alike.

You can purchase Andrea's book at the link below:


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