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Gourmet Ghosts Los Angeles - presented by James Bartlett

October 21st at 7:00 p.m. - at the Andres Pico Adobe.

Los Angeles has a famous history of crime, but it also has many ghost stories hidden in its past too, and journalist James Bartlett ventured into the dark corners of the archives to write Gourmet Ghosts Los Angeles - an alternative guide to the bars, restaurants and hotels of Los Angeles and the spooky stories behind their doors. Gourmet Ghosts 2 looked more at murder and mayhem in the City of Angels, and in this lecture he will talk about his research, some of his favorite and deadliest stories and perhaps a few new tales…

Originally from London, James T. Bartlett researched and wrote the two Gourmet Ghosts alternative guides to Los Angeles crime, ghost stories and the history behind the city’s bars, restaurants and hotels. During his research, Bartlett uncovered decades of forgotten and unknown stories of the dead who still walk the City of Angels, and recently appeared on the Cecil Hotel episode of the new GHOST ADVENTURES series on Discovery+. As a travel and lifestyle journalist he writes for the LA Times, BBC, Westways, KCET, American Way, Hemispheres, The Guardian, True Crime, ALTA California, Variety, Atlas Obscura and many others, and has appeared on BBC Radio.

Find him @GourmetGhosts and #GourmetGhosts, plus he also hosts the True Crime Book Club at the Last Bookstore (yes, it’s haunted), and feels that life was more exciting when you could buy poison at every corner.

You can purchase a copy of his book at the link below:

Gourmet Ghosts by James T. Bartlett.


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