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From Wheelwoman for the Mob to Stunt Driver to The Stars - presented by Georgia Durante

January 28th at 7:00 p.m. - at New Life Church of the Nazarene.

Georgia Durante’s life has been full of adventures, challenges and successes. Her life’s path has crossed with the dangerous and the inspirational. Georgia’s story, as told in her best selling book The Company She Keeps, started in Rochester New York. Her teen years led this young woman to take her first steps into the world of modeling and The Mob. Georgia’s beauty won her attention. Her quest for adventure led her to fame. She became known nationally as The Kodak Girl. She was known in THE MOB as a trustworthy driver.

The life of glamour Georgia lived on the outside became threatened by her life of marriage to a man that became her abuser. Georgia reveals in The Company She Keeps just what it takes to live in, survive and escape an abusive marriage. Georgia’s new life led her to Hollywood where she not only became a successful stunt driver but also the owner of her own stunt company. She’s led a team of precision drivers whose work has been featured in many top Hollywood productions and memorable TV commercials.

Signed copies of The Company She Keeps: The Dangerous Life of a Model Turned Mafia Wife are available for purchase on Georgia Durant's website:

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